Sunday, 23 March 2014

Best Apps for Students

Since getting my iPad a few weeks ago, I really think I've been using it to its full potential. Firstly let me apologise to my friends who have been listening to me yap on about how amazing my tablet is everyday. I thought, instead of annoying them about the amazing apps I've found, I should annoy you lovely readers. My first lot of apps I want to recommend to you are based on education. I was tempted to show you all the fun games you can play during lectures but I through showing you actual academically enhancing apps would benefit you a lot more! So here are my top 3 apps for Students:

3. Prezi
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of discovering this website/app, this is Prezi. It's a twist on the boring powerpoint, making your work into a spectacular animated presentation. I've used it for all my presentations at uni with year and it's definitely helped me gain a few extra marks! I would advise setting up a Prezi account and doing your presentations on a computer. The actual editing part of the app isn't very good but it's a great way of looking at presentations. I had to include Prezi when talking about ways to make University work more fun and a bit easier - give it a try and let me know what you think!

2. Dropbox
This software is a serious lifesaver. Because of Dropbox I haven't used a USB stick in a very long time. It's place where you can save your photos, documents and other files on the Internet and access them from any computer, tablet or phone. All my uni work is saved onto dropbox so when my computer is playing up (which is too often), I can just pop over the library, grab a computer and continue from where I last saved my work. I now have Dropbox as an app on my iPad. Instead of having to print off my work for seminars, I can now read and edit things there and then. You'll never lose a piece of work again thanks to Dropbox.

1. Notability
I can't begin to praise this app enough. It is by far the most useful app I own for academic purposes. I can save pdf files and presentations to notability and organise them into appropriate folders. The best thing about this app is the fact you can annotate everything. You can highlight key words in an academic article, draw on presentations and even add your own extra text boxes. Since getting my iPad, I use this app in all my lectures. I load up the presentation so I can annotate it and if it's a complex topic, I'll record the whole lecture. Yes, this app lets you record while you annotate so you can relive that lecture that you were too tired to really pay attention in!

I hope you found my recommendations useful. What apps have you found particularly useful when it comes to work?


Yige Z said...

I've only used prezi once before but it was so amazing, although I did waste quite a bit of time choosing from all the cool stuff that power points don't have! I definitely need to get Dropbox, since I always forget or lose my tiny USB stick! Thanks for sharing x

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Kelly Lelly said...

Oh Prezi confuses me but it looks AMAZING when done right!

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Katie Louise said...

Dropbox is the best! I use it so much. That notability looks great too and I'll definitely be taking a look at it when I get a tablet!

Kayleigh Parker said...

It took me a little while to get the hang of but since then Prezi is a must to impress the lecturers! X

Kayleigh Parker said...

I have spent way too time than is socially acceptable playing around with Prezi!! Thanks Kelly! I'll have a look now x

Kayleigh Parker said...

Hey jay! So pleased you found my little blog! My twitter is @kayspray. I'll have a look into why my button isn't working :) xx

Kayleigh Parker said...

If you get a tablet and plan on using it for work or uni, definitely get notability. I think it costs a few pounds but I'd say its worth it :) x