Wednesday, 12 March 2014

iPad 3

Last weekend I got an iPad 3. I had been thinking about getting one for a while and since my boyfriend started working at CEX, I realised how cheaply I could get a pretty decent one. I can't get over how perfect mine is for the cost of it! I'm a very lucky girl. 

I bought it mainly because my laptop is being a lot of effort at the moment. I can now use the iPad for all my fun bits and bobs, like catching up on TV, blogging, online shopping, games, social media and so many other things. I've taken it to all my lectures and seminars this week and it's been insanely useful. I'm sure my friends are getting tired of me raving on about it 24/7. 

Due to this recent obsession, I have quite a few 'favourite apps' posts coming your way - so stay tuned! If you're wondering what I've been doing this week: I've been guarding this precious device with my life while a nice case and screen protectors are on their way, checking out some awesome apps & using photobooth to take hilarious photos of my friends! 

Are you thinking about getting on the tablet trend? Let me know what you think about this digital wonder and I'd love your recommendations of your favourite apps. 

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