Friday, 11 April 2014

Depop Review

I want to share my thoughts of an app I recently decided to download onto my iPad. The story begins with my dear friend called Alice, who was having a clear out this week. She is one of those people that buys things 'just in case' she gets a chance to wear it. Because of this, she has a ton of clothes that have either been worn once or still have the labels on them. She invited me over to model some of these clothes while she took photos to sell them on Ebay, however we found a much better alternative. 

I have heard of Depop a few times but never really bothered to see what it was really all about. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out more about this increasingly popular app as well as hopefully earning Alice a bit of money back from her unworn/ basically brand new clothes!

Depop is an app that allows you to buy and sell products in a very simple manner. You basically take a couple of photographs of your item, write a short descriptions and how much you want for it and then post it. People sell clothes, shoes, jewellery, make-up and all sorts of 'blogger friendly' items. The transactions go through Paypal and it's incredibly easy to use. For me it is a mix between Ebay and Instagram. You can sell and buy clothes as well as putting filters on your photographs, commenting and liking what others have posted, follow certain sellers like a real social media community. 

It's that simple. It took me less than 5 minutes to get the hang of this app and it takes the same amount of time to upload an item to sell! Although it's easy to use, after spending a few days exploring this app, I've found what makes your account successful. So here are a few tips for selling on Depop:
  • Photography - Depop focusses on visuals when it comes to selling an item - makes sense! Therefore your items need to look appealing when photographed. The app has it's on tips on how to take decent photos but it's mainly common sense. Ideally use daylight, make the item the central focus, use simple backgrounds and don't change the item too much with the filters. 
  • Social Media - the app gives you the opportunity to not only share on Facebook and Twitter but also network within the Depop community. In order to get traffic to your page, you need to let people know you exist. Comment and like others items, use hashtags, promote your items on Instagram and share with all your friends!
  • Be Patient - When starting out, don't expect to have all your items sold within a week. It's a bit of a waiting game and all you can do is promote your items and hope the right people find you! I've been on Depop since Tuesday (11th April), and already got a fair amount of followers - hopefully some of Alice's items will get more attention soon. 

The downside with this app is the commission the company take for each item. Depop take 10% of the funds that are directly dealt with throught their system. On top of this, PayPal also take a bit of money. Basically if you think you're earning £10, you're probably earning £8.75. I think eBay take 5% commission however there is less chance for your products to be seen in the huge ocean that is eBay. I'd advise selling the items at 10% more than you want for it. At least this way you aren't letting go of items for less than they deserve! 

So on the sidebar you can see that I have added Depop. Now you can see whenever I've added new products to my account. Let me know if you have a Depop account as I'd love to see what you're selling and/or liking! 


DB said...

Great review, thank you! I think that I'll be listing some items very soon! xx buzzi2k

Deimante said...

Thank you for the review! I've never heard about depop app before, but now I'm going to check it out! For now I'm using Vinted app really greaaat! Maybe you using it too?

Chloe said...

I have a lot of items up for sale that i need to get rid of. x

ravvykaur said...

Thanks for your review. So useful to know your thoughts :) I've now added you to my depop account and hope it will be a useful selling tool :)
What are your thoughts on business's using Depop as a sales tool?

Millie said... !!!! many items to be sold

Memi said... selling cute shorts, trousers and iphone 6 cases!! :)

Tereza said... selling a lot of interesting things, women and kids clothets etc.

Samantha Avalon said...

Thanks for this article - Great help! I've just set up a Depop myself @retrouvaille selling french vintage - hope to see you on there ;)

Pastel Tatu said...

Thanks for sharing these tips, I'm starting to sell internationally and it's a great experience! My depop username is @pastelgarage, I'm following you right now :)

Cheers from Venezuela <3

leilajenny said...

Thank you for sharing these usefull tipps... would be happy if someone out here visits me on depop (@leilajenny).
have a nice day😘