Sunday, 11 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 Summary

One year I will do Eurovision properly! Traditional snacks from the host country, flags and a cheeky bit of dress up and an epic drinking game. This should have happened this year but no... Silly Kayspray had to go out on Friday. I was so hungover that yesterday was a write off. Instead of this awesome party I could have organised, I sat in my pjs with my iPad on my lap in bed and watched Eurovision alone. 
Photo retrieved from the Mirror UK
So yes. Eurovision happened. My Twitter feed was full of opinions, facts and silly comments following the course of the night - that was almost more entertaining than the program! In true Eurovision style there were amazing light shows, dazzling outfits, unnecessary dance moves, sexual butter churning and a bearded lady. I don't feel like my words can do the show much justice so let me show you some of the best bits through the medium of YouTube!

My Favourites

Eurovision contests are definitely not like your children - you're allowed to have favourites. Although the voting is often politicised, I have a very open mind for the competition and truly favour those with the best acts (in my opinion). The song I would most likely listen to and would have voted for was the Sweden entry, Sanna Nielsen. I'm pleased she came third with this epic ballad. Some of the other ballads were slow, boring and pretty dull so it was refreshing to have this entry in the race. She was a favourite to win the competition and I'm sure you can see why in the clip below.

It's hard to explain why you like certain acts in Eurovision. It's not always about the song. The stage set up, outfits and personalities of those performers can really make the most rubbish song, the most loved. I personally enjoyed Iceland (watch here). This group of middle aged men knew how to be memorable. Each of them wore a difference bloc coloured suit and did some really awkward dance moves at some point. It was the sort of thing where you couldn't stop watching - even if you weren't sure what you were watching. 

Also Poland performed. I can't tell you what they performed because it's still too much for me to deal with (watch here and see what I mean). I mean if that was my daughter... So yes the song was high-pitched, slightly catchy but had the phrase "shake what your mumma gave ya" and some 'seductive' domestic girl showing that you can wash clothes in a sexual way. If only I knew this sooner! Basically this Polish version of Fergie had lots of fun performing and I'm sure a lot of men being forced in to watching enjoyed this part...

And the winner is... Some would say the winner had fought great odds. I personally believe that Europe love an act with a twist. Austria's entry was a decent enough song. What made the performance special and worthy of winning was the act herself. Conchita Wurst (the bearded lady) is a drag act who is well known in her country. So at first I genuinely thought this was a woman with a beard drawn on because those eyes are pretty darn lady-like! So Conchita won the hearts of the European Public and all got a bit emosh. I think that level of acceptance can seem like a real step forward in society. However I feel the people that watch Eurovison aren't the type to discriminate. It was a celebration of talent and European Identity in some way or another. 

I do love watching Eurovision. It's an entertaining night in which you have no idea what to expect and it's all done in the name of fun. For me the contest shouldn't be taken too seriously, and I think a lot of the acts feel the same! I would love to perform at Eurovision, mainly for the outfit I could imagine myself wearing (so sparkly!)

Did you spend this Saturday in front of the TV acting like Simon Cowell? Who was your favourite and What did you do to celebrate the occasion?  Thanks for reading and please leave your blog links below <3 


Emily said...

I say the same thing every time I watch Eurovision: 'Next year I will throw an amazing party with costumes and themed food and voting cards!' and then the next year comes around and I always only realise the day of the contest:(

C said...

On the Poland thing, yes it was very sexualised but in Poland they are having backwards sexual revolution - they're banning contraceptives and people who try and give sex education are prosecuted. So their performance actually had a really serious political message behind it.

Kayleigh Parker said...

I'm hoping to make the most of it next year as it's my last year at uni so should hopefully be plenty of people wanting to celebrate the occasion! x

Kayleigh Parker said...

I'm really surprised I didn't know anything about this! Having seen this comment I've had to read up a bit more about it.. Can't believe it's not in the media much - read an article from the Guardian though. Thank you for bring it to my attention :) x