Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review: Bee Strong Conditioner

It is very unlike me to review a product I literally bought the day before. I guess I don't know the product well enough to give an accurate review and with all make-up I like to use it for at least a few weeks before giving my honest opinion. However... *dramatic pause & dimming of lights* this product impressed me so much, I couldn't wait to share it with you. So here are my first impressions of Herbal Essences' Bee Strong Conditioner!

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he Herbal Essences' Bee Strong range came out last year and as you can guess, it's for strengthening your hair. I am a big lover of Herbal Essences' products and have been for many a year - remember the old packaging? I mainly bought them for their fruity scents and ability to wash my hair well. Bee Strong contains honey and apricot extracts so my hair smells pretty lush at the moment.  I can be really fussy when it comes to products for my hair so trying new things isn't done lightly. Fortunately this item is normally only a few pounds and in Superdrug it was half price so I felt obliged to give it a go.The main reason I'm so fussy is because of my hair type. I have relatively long straight hair (to my waist) and it's always been prone to knottiness. I am so jealous of people who just get out the shower, brush through their hair in a second and then dry it. It can take me up to 30 minutes to brush through this mop with a Tangle Teezer. I have to brush my hair at least twice a day to stop knots building up and becoming unbearably hard to sort out. Bee Strong states that it strengthens your hair and protects from combing damage - something I definitely needed in my life!

The product also claims to show results after just one wash... and it's true!! I can't believe how soft and easy to handle my hair was this morning. Even now after 6 hours it's still feeling soft, silky and not at all knotty!! I keep putting my fingers through my hair like I've just been to the hairdressers (I love that feeling!). From all the exclamation marks I'm sure you can gather that I fell in love with this conditioner this morning. When my Shampoo runs out I will be getting the Bee Strong version. I currently use Beautiful Ends which is satisfying enough but I've never known a product to be so perfect for my hair. 

I fully recommend this to anyone with similar hair to me and well for anyone who wants soft, lovely smelling hair. It's currently half price in Superdrug so go test it out and see you yourself. I would love to hear your opinion on this product or other hair products you love to rave about. Don't forget to leave your lovely links with the comments <3 


carley said...

I have always love herbal essences I should check this out

Eilidh said...

oh I want to try this range so badly!

Kayleigh Parker said...

I can't rate this product enough! Thanks for reading xx

Kayleigh Parker said...

Me too! I am almost surprised at myself for not trying it sooner x

Gemma Higgins said...

The hair mask and leave in spray do stunning things to knotty hair, also takes me well over 20 minutes to brush my tiny amount of hair due to dread-lock type knots appearing all the time.

Kayleigh Parker said...

Those knots are just the must frustrating and confusing thing ever! How do they get there?!