Friday, 20 June 2014

A Trip to Brighton

Last week Tom and I went on a little trip over to Brighton. I had never been there before and at uni we are only an hour train journey away. It seemed criminal not to go on an adventure! At Easter Wowcher had an offer on for a night's stay in Brighton for two including breakfast - all for £50. I took up this opportunity and booked the night away for a relaxing time after exams. We had such a great time and the weather was so kind to us. This post is a bit of a summary/review of our time away in the unique place known as Brighton. 
Hotel Umi, Brighton

Thanks to Wowcher, we stayed in Hotel Umi. It is situated right by the sea front and only a few minutes walk from the Pier and The 'much known and loved' Lanes. We were seriously impressed with the clean modern room and bathroom. The bed was very comfy, the blind kept out most of the light in the morning, the the shower was decent and overall we had a great stay. However being the busy city that Brighton is and staying in the location we were, it was very noisy throughout the night. The hotel is right opposite a few clubs and bars so if you're a light sleeper and are easily annoyed by noise - this place isn't for you. We stayed there on a Wednesday so was quite surprised how alive the city was at 4am. Fortunately, being students means we are used to noise and have learnt to ignore it! The breakfast was okay. They had all the typical breakfast foods that you would want and expect. I am used to a top class English Breakfast because of Tom's amazing skills, so this was slightly disappointing and the food had gone all tough from being sat there since 7am. I couldn't complain as it was a free buffet breakfast and filled us up for our second day of exploring! 

The Lanes

For me, the best part of Brighton is The Lanes. It is a quaint area of interconnected lanes full of the most random collection of shops. There was plenty of independent shops and restaurants that I could have spent a lot of time and money in! We spent quite a lot of our stay exploring this area and we walked through the Royal Pavilion Gardens - Brighton is so culturally diverse. There was an area which reminded me of the Camden Markets, buildings which looked ancient and modern areas with flashy cars and fancy restaurants. Brighton really does have it all! There was definitely not a shortage of places to eat. It took us half an hour wandering around to decide on where to go. There was almost too much choice. We finally settled on Bella Italia because with one look at the menu we knew what we wanted. It was such a beautiful evening we did a bit of al fresco dining - when in Rome Brighton...There was a shared platter of breads and dipping cheese which is one of Tom's favourite things in the world alongside Football, Turtles and hopefully me. We both ordered calzones which I managed to finish! It was such a perfect evening and I can't recommend visiting The Lanes enough. 

Brighton Pier
We spent quite a bit of our time by Brighton Pier. It is definitely the most pier-like pier I've ever been to. If you were to imagine a Pier - it would look like Brighton's most tourist attraction. Although we walked up and down it a few times during our stay, we didn't go on any of the rides. It was so expensive considering there were less than a dozen rides there. We did however enjoy the arcades. I gave Tom a good game of air hockey which I respectfully lost. It wouldn't have been a good trip without a bit of competition! We also treated ourselves to the traditional seaside snack of sugar covered donuts. 

I loved my first time in Brighton. I'm hoping for many more trips there in the future! It is such a diverse place with a great mix of people who just express themselves freely. Since I'm not going on holiday this year, I'm planning on getting to know the country I live in a bit more. I'm hopefully going on a trip to Bath at some point and hopefully some other random places. Where would you recommend going in the UK? Have you ever been to Brighton? Don't forget to leave your lovely links with your comments <3


Kayleigh Parker said...

Hope you get a chance to soon! :) x

Lisa said...

I went to Brighton for the first time last year and really really liked it there. I loved the Lanes and all the little shops. It really is a great place to be in summer. It sounds like you got a really good deal too (even if breakfast was a little disappointing).

Kayleigh Parker said...

I couldn't complain! Is definitely somewhere I'd want to visit again :) x