Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Football Fever

I can't imagine there are many people in the world who have access to the news or Internet and don't know what is starting in the middle of this month. The whole world will be looking to Brazil for a month of thrilling football and the hype is only getting bigger! Yes the 2014 World Cup is almost here. Earlier today I went into town to find a footie fan top to show my support for England and act like I know what is going on. The boyfriend, Tom is the biggest football fan that I know of so through him I am almost an expect at the sport. So this post is a mash-up of two of our favourite passions: Football & Fashion!

New Look


Before looking around for this post, I had only seen world cup style fashion in Primark. Today I bought myself an England t-shirt for £8 and was tempted to get a bikini, flip flops, towel, bag, shorts, water bottle - literally the whole hog. It took me quite a bit of online searching to find these footie themed items for you. I love the simplicity of the Miss Guided crop tops, which are only £4.99 each. New Look have the biggest range that I could find, other than Primark. I love the 'Rio Selfie' top and they have the Belgium top for other countries too. BooHoo have a 'lucky dip' going on when it comes to these football tops. It's a concept I found rather bizarre because I'd much rather the flag design that the other two choices. So for each country you will get one of the three tops and it'll cost you a tenner. 

It might be quite evident from this post... I am really looking forward to the World Cup. It's one of those events that brings people together. It's an excuse to go to a park or a pub to cheer and shout at big screens alongside friends, family and randomers. I'm hoping the competition will be as good as the build up and that the weather will be nice and hot for BBQs, Pimms and lots of sociable moments!

Have you come down with a case of Footie Fever yet? Will you be watching the World Cup or at least fashioning an item dedicated to this lovely tournament? Please leave your links with your comments 

2 comments: said...

Forever 21 has a massive selection! I'm really not into football but I almost considered a purchase ahah

Kayleigh Parker said...

I went into forever 21 yesterday! Almost bought an England vest top :)