Tuesday, 22 July 2014


The other day I thought to myself, "Kayspray, you should really get out more". On the same day I also concluded that I hadn't done a #AskTwitter post in a while now! This is one of my favourite series because beauty and fashion gurus from the world of Twitter answer a much queried question of mine. Considering the majority of my questions make no sense or are unanswerable, I had to make sure the question was relevant, useful and sensible. 

Compared to all the other seasons, Summer is the hardest to get the right beauty products. It is too hot for full thick coverage make-up, there is a need for another level of skin care and don't get me started with finding the right sun protection! With this in mind, my #AskTwitter question is:

What is your must-have summer beauty product?

So they were a few lovely answers from a few lovely Tweeties. What is your answer for this much discussed question? What would you recommend? Don't forget to leave your links x

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