Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Very Long Break

For the past 11 months, I quit blogging. I'm not proud of it but I also do not feel guilty - not one bit! It's been a very busy and exciting year full of a lot of hard work and new opportunities. 

The main reason I no longer found the time to blog was my internship at Coloristiq last summer. Thanks to this blog, I managed to become a Social Media and Marketing Associate for this amazing company. Once summer ended, Coloristiq kept me on during my final year at university so I ran their social media accounts as well as during various other tasks each week. I will do a post of Coloristiq soon because a new box was just release the beginning of this month and I'm so happy with it! I am still working for and loving my job at Coloristiq. I joined the company at the very beginning when it was still an idea with a website being designed and it's come pretty far with so much more potential with it!

Another reason for my absence from the blogging world was the final year of my degree. I wanted to put as much effort in as possible and I really did put my all into my dissertation and final assignments. It was a tough year and now it's over I'm pleased for breathe for a moment! Although I spent many hours in the library, it was one of the best years of my life. Now a new chapter is arriving and I plan on making the most of everything that comes my way! 

So why come back to blogging?

I've missed it. With my job I am in contact with lots of amazing bloggers and constantly finding new ones to follow. This evening I was looking in at the Twitter chats and missed being apart of such a friendly supportive online community. I'm not promising to be back to blogging regularly but if there is an amazing product I want to share with the world or inspiration strikes, I'll definitely come to this much loved outlet. 

Please comment with your blog links or tweet me if you have any suggestions, comments or advice!

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