Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Today I Love #13

I've missed writing for this feature. It has definitely been my favourite because it made me reflect on the past month and what has brought joy into it. More often than not, happiness has come from the simplest of actions, items and events. Of course every month I continue to love the people I am surrounded by as well as the silly Snapchats I receive from distant friends, but this post shows my appreciation for other less sentimental aspects of life. 

Yes, I made these cute creations.

Autumn is coming - You won't hear me complaining about having to put on scarfs, big knits and fluffy socks. I love Autumn, especially the beginning as summer comes to an end. The moment the shops started to stock the shades of rich burgundy, khaki green and classic camel, I wanted summer to be over. For the first time in ages, I do not need any new clothes. I have plenty of ankle boots, light knitted jumpers, day dresses and work wear. Typically I can't walk past a shop right now without wanting half of its content! The problems of a shopaholic are too real.. I may not be able to embrace the new clothes this season has to offer (I'll undoubtedly purchase a few must-haves), I will enjoy the changing countryside and the excuse to drink more hot chocolate. 

Podcasts - For the past year, this has been my go-to distraction on train journeys, as I wind down and get ready for bed and on dog walks whilst Ralph races against cars which are on the road next to the farmers field. There are several podcasts I listen to, all of which have similar theme; They are all comical. Here is a list of my top 4: 
  • Answer Me This! - answers the world's questions sent in by listeners, both for advice and facts. 
  • No Such Thing As A Fish - a podcast from the QI offices where writers for the show discuss the best things they've found out that week. 
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4  - a satirical take on the week's news.
  • Do The Right Thing - a live audience comedy panel show where the teams work out what the right thing to do is in many random situations. 

Coloristiq Manicure Box - I love my job. It gives me the opportunity to be creative, connect with very talented people and spend most my days obsessing over some insane nail art designs. This month's Manicure Box has been one of my favourites so far. Nails And The City was inspired by the fast-paced, exciting atmosphere that surrounds cities around the world. The nail polishes found the beauty box are perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn and includes OPI's Venice Collection which is their most recent set of nail polishes. There are also products from Essie, Nails Inc and the talented indie brand Danglefoot, who created a limited edition polish just for this box! 
Bluedapest by Danglefoot
Baking - It's a hobby of mine that I dip in and out of, just like blogging! All it takes is watching an episode of Great British Bake Off, or seeing a new recipe online, or finding out mum has lots of baking tools in the new kitchen. I have recently moved into my parents new place in the midlands because being a graduate is both difficult and confusing. While trying to find the right career path in life, I could no longer afford to live in Essex. Alongside Coloristiq, I am now looking into being a primary school teacher. Whilst getting experience for next year's PGCE, I have been helping out a lot around the house. Yesterday inspiration struck and my 'baking like a child who still goes to primary school' skills came out. I made some cute sugar biscuits (see above) which the family have enjoyed. I'll never be as good as Alice from Tailor Baked but as long as it's edible, it's a success right?

What have you been loving this month? I still love finding new blogs to follow on Twitter and Instagram so please send over your links :)

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