About Me

My name is Kayleigh but some of my friends call me Kayspray

I am a 22 year old graduate who studied International Relations and European Studies at the University of Portsmouth. I am now a social media and marketing executive at Coloristiq. I am also an organisation freak, lover of good food & great music, owner of too many clothes and a bit of a nutter. I like to dance and I love to laugh! Thanks for my wonderful family and friends I get to do both those things quite a lot. 

Since I was able to write, I wanted to capture whatever was in my mind onto a piece of paper. I am no artist (my stick-men and cartoon crabs are as far as my artistic capacity will go) but I can write words. Short words, long words, even longer German words.

This blog won’t be a diary as I know I have little commitment to writing down my daily routine, plus boring you isn't my aim. In fact my aim is to be a member of the blogging community, get to know lots of new people and write! I hope I am able to make you smile and possibly laugh through random entries from fashion to photography to rants about student life. 

Reviewing Products: I will always state below the post or in the post itself. All opinions will be my own. I will be honest about my views of the product's tested on my blog. 

Photography: All photography is my own unless stated otherwise. If known, links to the source of other pictures will be included in the post. 

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